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Paint-Matched Edgebanding

Paint-matched PVC is offered in hundreds of colors to match Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colors.

Transform your design vision into reality with Frama-tech's paint-matched edge banding solutions. Our products are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into your surfaces, ensuring flawless results that elevate the aesthetics of any project. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, our edge banding solutions offer versatility and precision to enhance every aspect of your space.

paint chips for paint-matched edgebanding white paintable edgebanding

Explore our range of paintable edge banding options, ideal for applications such as painted cabinets and furniture. With advanced color-matching technology, we guarantee a perfect match to leading paint brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Trust Frama-tech for high-quality solutions that deliver durability, resilience, and long-lasting performance.

Contact us today to discover how our tailored edge banding solutions can transform your space, and experience the difference with Frama-tech.

Paint-Matched PVC Edgebanding

In the world of cabinetry and furniture design, individuality is key. Frama-Tech introduces Paint-Matched PVC Edgebanding, offering an extensive array of colors meticulously matched to Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint selections. From bold statements to subtle accents, our edgebanding brings your vision to life with unparalleled precision.

What Sets Our Paint-Matched PVC Edgebanding Apart?

1. Tailored Color Selection:
With hundreds of colors available, our Paint-Matched PVC Edgebanding ensures the perfect match for your project. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to seamless integration with your design scheme.

2. Core-to-Surface Uniformity:
Our edgebanding is matched all the way to the core, ensuring uniformity and consistency in every application. Whether used on front-facing cabinet reveals or inset doors, our edgebanding provides a professional finish that meets the highest standards of quality.

3. Expert Technical Assistance:
Choosing between edgebanding options can be challenging. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide guidance and assistance, ensuring you select the best solution for your project's unique requirements.

Versatile Applications

Our Paint-Matched PVC Edgebanding finds extensive use in:

  • High-Volume Production Environments: Ideal for environments where paintable edgebanding is not an option, our edgebanding offers efficiency and precision for large-scale projects.
  • Partial Overlay or Full Inset Doors: Whether used on front-facing cabinet reveals or inset doors, our edgebanding provides a professional finish that enhances the overall aesthetics.

Seamlessly Integrated Solutions

From the initial color selection to the final application, Frama-Tech's Paint-Matched PVC Edgebanding ensures a seamless integration process:

  • Precision Color Matching: Our edgebanding is meticulously matched to Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colors, ensuring a flawless finish that meets your exact specifications.
  • Effortless Application: Whether sprayed, rolled, or brushed, our edgebanding provides a smooth and durable surface that enhances the overall appearance of your projects.

What are the other types of PVC edgebanding you stock ?

We also stock Paintable PVC EdgebandingFlex PVC Edgebanding Digital PVC Edgebanding.

Do you also stock veneer edgebanding ?

Yes. We stock an extensive range of Veneer Edgebanding including Pre-Glued Veneer EdgebandingPre-Finished Veneer EdgebandingThick Wood Veneer Edgebanding .

Expert Guidance and Support

Deciding between edgebanding options requires technical expertise. Our knowledgeable team at Frama-Tech is just a call away to help you navigate this decision and choose the best solution for your project. We provide personalized advice and support to ensure you achieve optimal results. Contact us today.