Roseburg Duramine Edgebanding



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5th Ave. Elm Roseburg 657 5th Ave. Elm
Alabaster Ash Roseburg C33 Alabaster Ash
Alabaster Grey Roseburg 029 Alabaster Grey
Alexandria Walnut Roseburg 880 Alexandria W...
Almond Roseburg 016 Almond
Almond Leather Roseburg 549 Almond Leather
Aloe Roseburg 7962 Aloe
Amazon Roseburg 133 Amazon
Amber Cherry Roseburg 050 Amber Cherry
American Black Walnut Roseburg 701 American Bla...
Angkor Root Roseburg 881 Angkor Root
Antique Brush Roseburg 539 Antique Brush
Antique Topaz Roseburg 4863 Antique Topaz
Antique White Roseburg 101 Antique White
Antique White Roseburg 109 Antique White
Arcade Roseburg 4938 Arcade
Asian Night Roseburg 610 Asian Night
Asian Sand Roseburg 441 Asian Sand
Asian Sun Roseburg 605 Asian Sun
Astro Strandz Roseburg 4940 Astro Strandz
Atlantis Roseburg 132 Atlantis
Bahia Granite Roseburg 4595 Bahia Granite
Bannister Oak Roseburg 058 Bannister Oak
Basket Weaving 101 Roseburg 4965 Basket Weav...
Beige Roseburg 130 Beige
Beige Pampas Roseburg 576 Beige Pampas
Beigewood Roseburg 362 Beigewood
Biltmore Cherry Roseburg 364 Biltmore Cherry
Black Roseburg 006 Black
Black Roseburg 180 Black
Black Alicante Roseburg 4926 Black Alicante
Blackstar Granite Roseburg 4551 Blackstar G...
Blonde Echo Roseburg 603 Blonde Echo
Blue Agave Roseburg 4919 Blue Agave
Boardwalk Oak Roseburg 886 Boardwalk Oak
Bordeaux Juparana Roseburg 4929 Bordeaux Ju...
Brazilwood Roseburg 692 Brazilwood
Breccia Roseburg 4951 Breccia
Breccia Nouvelle Roseburg 4948 Breccia Nou...
Brighton Walnut Roseburg 478 Brighton Walnut
Brittany Blue Roseburg 015 Brittany Blue
Bronze Legacy Roseburg 570 Bronze Legacy
Bronzite Roseburg 4971 Bronzite
Buka Bark Roseburg 7982 Buka Bark
Burnished Chestnut Roseburg 604 Burnished Ch...
Cabinet Maple Roseburg 352 Cabinet Maple
Cafe Creme Roseburg 128 Cafe Creme
Café Di Pesco Roseburg 4955 Café Di Pesco
Caffelle Roseburg 440 Caffelle
Calacatta Oro Roseburg 4981 Calacatta Oro
Calcutta Marble Roseburg 4925 Calcutta Ma...
Canyon Zephyr Roseburg 734 Canyon Zephyr
Caramel Apple Roseburg 661 Caramel Apple
Carbon Evolv Roseburg 569 Carbon Evolv
Carbon Mesh Roseburg 631 Carbon Mesh
Castle Oak Roseburg 363 Castle Oak
Casual Linen Roseburg 4944 Casual Linen
Charcoal Roseburg 275 Charcoal
Charcoal Chestnut Roseburg 871 Charcoal Che...
Chocolate Apple Roseburg 663 Chocolate Apple
Chocolate Cherry Roseburg 706 Chocolate Ch...
Classic Linen Roseburg 4943 Classic Linen
Cloud Nebula Roseburg 082 Cloud Nebula
Cloud Zephyr Roseburg 4856 Cloud Zephyr
Coastal Pine Roseburg C36 Coastal Pine
Cocobala Roseburg 681 Cocobala
Coffee Bean Roseburg 655 Coffee Bean
Columbian Walnut Roseburg 454 Columbian Wa...
Cordoba Pine Roseburg C391 Cordoba Pine
Cosmic Strandz Roseburg 4941 Cosmic Strandz
Creme Marfil Roseburg 4927 Creme Marfil
Crisp Linen Roseburg 4942 Crisp Linen
Crystal Roseburg 541 Crystal
Deep Springs Roseburg 4907 Deep Springs
Desert Sand Hickory Roseburg C37 Desert Sand ...
Desert Springs Roseburg 4904 Desert Springs
Desert Zypher Roseburg 550 Desert Zypher
Designer White Roseburg 175 Designer White
Dove Grey Roseburg 137 Dove Grey
Ebony Fusion Roseburg 777 Ebony Fusion
Ebony Recon Roseburg 842 Ebony Recon
Ebony Star Roseburg 594 Ebony Star
Eggplant Roseburg 4913 Eggplant
Empire Mahogany Roseburg 385 Empire Mahogany
Evening Tigris Roseburg 527 Evening Tigris
Fashion Grey Roseburg 019 Fashion Grey
Figured Mahogany Roseburg 306 Figured Maho...
Florence Walnut Roseburg 870 Florence Walnut
Folkstone Roseburg 108 Folkstone
Fonthill Pear Roseburg 081 Fonthill Pear
Fossil Ash Roseburg C34 Fossil Ash
Frosty Chestnut Roseburg 874 Frosty Chestnut
Fusion Maple Roseburg 086 Fusion Maple
Gesso Tracery Roseburg 4962 Gesso Tracery
Gilded Mesh Roseburg 758 Gilded Mesh
Ginseng Tea Roseburg 4909 Ginseng Tea
Girona Cavern Roseburg 4897 Girona Cavern
Gold Alchemy Roseburg 4861 Gold Alchemy
Golden Juparana Roseburg 4932 Golden Jupa...
Golden Oak Roseburg 060 Golden Oak

Frama-Tech stocks all Roseburg Duramine  edgebanding matches in the table below. For each Roseburg Duramine  pvc edge banding match we have several finishes available and the most popular widths and thicknesses. Give us a call to get a quote and fast shipping today for a Roseburg Duramine pvc edgebanding match.

Products that meet or exceed the highest standards established by the industries in which we operate.

Any Size. Any Finish. Any Match.

Frama-Tech carries multiple widths, thicknesses, finishes and textures for each match. You can also add a pre-glued backing to any of our items.

Widths: Most widths available thanks to same-day slitting, most common are 5/8", 7/8", 15/16", 1&5/16", 1&5/8", 1&3/4"
Thicknesses: = 0.5 mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm & 3mm
Finishes: gloss edgebanding finish, natural grain edgebanding finish, matte edgebanding finish, casual rustic edgebanding finish, timberline edgebanding finish, woodgrain edgebanding finish, linear edgebanding finish, artisan edgebanding finish, super matte edge banding finish, soft grain edge banding finish, pearl essence edge banding finish and many more!

Frama-Tech can also custom produce with no minimums. If you can't find what you need, call us!

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