Doellken Edgebanding Cross Reference

Doellken Cross Reference Edgebanding

Full cross-reference of Doellken Edgebanding
matches from Frama-Tech.



Ref #s
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Vermont Maple Nevamar WM5528,NW604 Verm...
Oxford White Panolam S411 Oxford White
Recon Oak Nevamar WZ0005,NW362 Reco...
Riviera Maple Panolam W140 Riviera Maple
Willow Grey Panolam S431 Willow Grey
Mahogany Panolam W372 Mahogany
Nutmeg Cherry Panolam W272 Nutmeg Cherry
Wrought Iron Nevamar S-6054,NS806 Wrou...
Smoky White Nevamar S-7027,NS748 Smok...
Precision White Nevamar S-7036,NS184 Prec...
Custom Grey Panolam S548 Custom Grey
Palazzo Nevamar WK0024,NW161 Palazzo
Prism Blue Panolam S599 Prism Blue
Surf Panolam S568 Surf
Neutral Gray Nevamar S-6012,NS242 Neut...
Kopi Susu Nevamar LN6002,NA496 Kopi...
Brown Pearwood Panolam W340 Brown Pearwood
Zulu Nevamar WZ0053,NW605 Zulu
Antique White Nevamar S-7005,NS136 Anti...
Fog Grey Panolam S551 Fog Grey
Backwoods Sycamore Panolam W689 Backwoods Sy...
Fusion Maple Panolam W268 Fusion Maple
Pepperdust Panolam S451 Pepperdust
Fine Sycamore Nevamar W-8351,NW151 Fine...
Light Brown Walnut Wilsonart 11074 Light Bro...
Blu Shaba Fenix 0792 Blu Shaba
Beige Arizona Fenix 0748 Beige Arizona
Grigio Efeso Fenix 0725 Grigio Efeso
Grigio Antrim Fenix 0752 Grigio Antrim
Verde Kitami Fenix 0794 Verde Kitami
Blu Fes Fenix 0754 Blu Fes
Rosso Jaipur Fenix 0751 Rosso Jaipur
Bianco Kos Fenix 0032 Bianco Kos
Grigio Bromo Fenix 0724 Grigio Bromo
Verde Comodoro Fenix 0750 Verde Comodoro
Bianco Alaska Fenix 0030 Bianco Alaska
Rosso Namib Fenix 0789 Rosso Namib
Giallo Evora Fenix 0791 Giallo Evora
Grigio Aragona Fenix 0793 Grigio Aragona
Grigio Londra Fenix 0718 Grigio Londra
Bronzo Doha Fenix 2629 Bronzo Doha
Nero Ingo Fenix 0720 Nero Ingo
Bianco Dover Fenix 0757 Bianco Dover
Castoro Ottawa Fenix 0717 Castoro Ottawa
Birch Formica F7921 Birch
Natural Cane Formica F6930 Natural Cane
Zebrano Formica 9011 Zebrano
Geo White Formica F5270 Geo White
Chalked Knotty Ash Formica 6437 Chalked Knot...
Oiled Olivewood Formica 5481 Oiled Olivewood
Jarrah Legno Formica F8847 Jarrah Legno
Fox Formica F1994 Fox
Pomegranate Wilsonart 4914 Pomegranate
Hunter Green Wilsonart D79 Hunter Green
Gunstock Walnut Wilsonart W313 Gunstock W...
Oiled Chestnut Wilsonart 7974 Oiled Ches...
Hemlock Wilsonart 11067 Hemlock
Congo Spruce Wilsonart 7062 Congo Spruce
Persian Blue Wilsonart D26 Persian Blue
Aloe Wilsonart 7962 Aloe
Pebble Wilsonart D337 Pebble
Western White Wilsonart 4869 Western White
Cream Velvet Wilsonart 15502 Cream Velvet
Golden Oak Wilsonart 7888 Golden Oak
Anzio Marble Wilsonart 5037 Anzio Marble
Ivory Velvet Elm Wilsonart 15601 Ivory Vel...
Black Velvet Wilsonart 15505 Black Velvet
Snow White Velvet Wilsonart 15501 Snow Whit...
Great Bear Wilsonart 8237 Great Bear
Acorn Velvet Elm Wilsonart 15602 Acorn Vel...
Smoky Velvet Elm Wilsonart 15604 Smoky Vel...
Pewter Velvet Wilsonart 15508 Pewter Ve...
Akira Wilsonart 8233 Akira
Moca Salt GSP20 Moca
Uva Salt GSP25 Uva
Rovere Agento Salt GSDH1 Rovere Agento
Canyon Walnut Salt GSD18 Canyon Walnut
Lakeshore Oak Salt GSDF4 Lakeshore Oak
Olmo Miele Salt SM4565 Olmo Miele
Canyon Oak Salt GSD17 Canyon Oak
Rustica Salt GSDF3 Rustica
Noce Ribera Salt GSDF2 Noce Ribera
Buff Linen Salt GS20M Buff Linen
Tektonik Uniboard K96 Tektonik
Titanium Uniboard K98 Titanium
Flavie Uniboard L04 Flavie
Carleton Uniboard L02 Carleton
Solace Uniboard K85 Solace
Bonaventure Uniboard L03 Bonaventure
Cosmos Uniboard K89 Cosmos
Maria Uniboard L01 Maria
Ioniq Uniboard L09 Ioniq
Dew Drop Uniboard K07 Dew Drop
Taupe Uniboard L07 Taupe
Smoke Formica 03245 Smoke
Steampunk Tafisa HG833,HG833 Steampunk
Camera Obscura Tafisa PM835 Camera Obscura
Eucalyptus Tafisa PM773,T773PM Eucal...
Calm Sea Tafisa PM772,T772PM Calm Sea
Iron Horse Tafisa HG834 Iron Horse

Frama-Tech: Your Premier Source for Doellken Edgebanding Matches

At Frama-Tech, we understand the importance of matching edgebanding to the specific requirements of your project. Our extensive selection of Doellken Edgebanding products ensures that you find the perfect match every time.

The Frama-Tech Difference

Choosing Frama-Tech as your supplier for Doellken Edgebanding means you benefit from our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our dedication to providing superior products and services ensures that your edgebanding projects are completed to the highest standards.

Do you matches other types of Doellken Edgebanding?

Frama-Tech matches all Doellken 1mm edgebanding, Doellken 2mm edgebanding, Doellken 3mm edgebanding, and Doellken thin edgebanding

Explore the Possibilities with Doellken Edgebanding

Discover the difference that Doellken Edgebanding from Frama-Tech can make in your projects. Browse our extensive selection today and experience the perfect blend of quality, precision, and aesthetic appeal.

Note: We do not sell Doellken's Edgebanding but rather have direct matches to their stocking programs.

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Any Size. Any Finish. Any Match.

Frama-Tech carries multiple widths, thicknesses, finishes and textures for each match. You can also add a pre-glued backing to any of our items.

Widths: Most widths available thanks to same-day slitting, most common are 5/8", 7/8", 15/16", 1&5/16", 1&5/8", 1&3/4"
Thicknesses: = 0.5 mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm & 3mm
Finishes: gloss edgebanding finish, natural grain edgebanding finish, matte edgebanding finish, casual rustic edgebanding finish, timberline edgebanding finish, woodgrain edgebanding finish, linear edgebanding finish, artisan edgebanding finish, super matte edge banding finish, soft grain edge banding finish, pearl essence edge banding finish and many more!

Frama-Tech can also custom produce with no minimums. If you can't find what you need, call us!

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